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Escort Services vs. Prostitution: Drawing The Thin Red Line

When you hear the words Beijing ¬†escorts, what is the first thing that comes to mind? If you’re a guy, that could only mean one thing right? S.E.X. But believe it or not, there?s a line that separates escort services from prostitution. A thin line, but a line nonetheless.

Escort service is commonly defined as a means of companionship where a person is hired for entertainment for a brief period of time. Entertainment – here being defined as activities non-sexual in nature. These kinds of services are legal in the United States. Prostitution, on the other hand, is a business that is sexual in nature whereby someone is hired to engage in activities sexual in nature in exchange for money. This is, of course illegal.

The United States government regulates Escort service companies, passing different measures to control their activities and to make sure their activities stay inside the legal borders. But as anyone would imagine, being part of the adult entertainment industry, the ideal is far from reality.

An escort service usually focuses on one particular customer class. It can either be female for male. Male for female, male for male, or female for female agencies. Depending on their target market and just like candy, escorts come at a variety of looks and personalities, taking into consideration the different preferences of their prospective clients.

Here’s how a typical escort agency works. The business post their ads on telephone directories or several public ads, Some have their own websites. These mostly feature galleries where prospective clients can view a variety of different escorts available for them. Though websites selling social companionship such as escort services have nothing expressly stating the company offers services sexual in nature, most don?t expressly deny offering them either. In fact, some beijing escort agency websites contain sexual images that begs the question ? what else are you selling? A customer contacts the agency to avail of the service, stating his preferences for his/ her female or male companion and the company arranges the meeting. The escort usually reports to the agency, by phone or otherwise, before and after the set meeting. What happens in between, though, is another question.

Local governments all across the United States regulate escort service companies in different ways to ensure that the line between prostitution and escort services are not breached. The state of Utah taxes agencies when they advertise using partial nudity. And California law requires police licenses for all escort agencies. Should there be any illegality in their activities, they can be shut down without the need of a criminal charge.

Regulations however are not perfect. The use of Internet advertisements has its own pitfalls. An internet ad that can be considered legal in one state can offend the laws of another. The age of minority also differs from one state to the next. Though there are sites that limit viewing of their pages to a certain age, technical limitations still leave actual viewing discretion to the customers.

Through it all, though there is a clear difference between the meaning of escort services and prostitution, it cannot be denied that in reality, lines will be crossed again and again. And without better regulation to prevent illegality and abuse, there would soon be no distinction at all when not enough smarter action is taken into consideration.


Why independent escort services in Beijing are the best in the world

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Be careful while choosing a personal escort service for having some fun. If there are any criminal cases or fraud charges registered against the escort service, stay away from it, even if they are providing the services of the most beautiful girls in the entire universe. Go through the websites of escort service providers and contact them on the phone before actually visiting their office. Read the escort reviews of the Beijing city, it can give a much better picture of escort service providers.